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EVENTS and ATTRACTIONS - Leakesville, MS

Events - If you have information you would like to share on a local event please contact us via this page or call (601) 394-2383 or email us at

Miss Hospitality Leakesville

Amberlyn Holifield

Past Miss Hospitality Leakesville

Gabrielle Taylor

Leakesville is home to a variey of small businesses and we are proud to support and highlight these entrepeneurs in our town. We invite you to check them out, and as always support small business and shop local! We would love to see you!

Annual Scots-Irish Day

March 27, 2021

Green Park Downtown Leakesville 9 am to 2 pm

Greene County Old Time Fair

October 30, 2021

Natural Artesian Well

Greene County Museum and Historical Society

Located on the fourth floor of the Greene County Courthouse you will be able to step back in time and experience the rich history of the area. 

Battle of McLeod's Mill

Independence Day Festivities

Sat. July 4th 8:30 pm at Greene Rural Events Center


(or just outside your car viewing of live fireworks.)

On November 1864, Union and Confederate soldiers clashed at a mill site near Leakesville. Each year on this date the sacrifice on both sides made is commemorated with living history presentations by Civil War re-enactors.

Located at the base of the old Chickasawhay River bridge near the boat ramp.

Chickasa-Leaf Barn Quilt Trail

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The Chickasa - Leaf Barn Quilt Trail is one of the original barn quilt trails in Mississippi, and the very first trail in the south half of the state. Follow our link below and get your map and brochure of the stunning barn quilts around the region. This trail encompasses the counties of Greene, George, Perry, Wayne, and Jones Counties with other "at large" members in various other counties.

Wild Country Off Road

The perfect place for off-road enthusiasts, and those who love the outdoors.

Take a trip down the Chickasawhay River in Southeast Mississippi and see why it is one of the most geologically important rivers  in Mississippi and possibly the world. Experts in Geology and Paleontology guide us down the river and explain how the sediment and fossils in this river can describe the history of the entire planet and tell a story that is millions of years old.

35 Million Years - The Chickasawhay River

Chickasawhay River - Leakesville


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